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Friday, August 5, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 2: Cake

Episode 2 - Cake

Scene: Dr. Pio's dental office

Inday: What happened? Where's Dr Pio.

Ruffa Mae: One of his patients had an emergency so he'll be tied up for hours. He cancelled many of his appointments. But I did what you asked me to do. Congratulations! You are now his new nanny.

Inday looks at the 2 kids. Tsina has her usual serious look and Tisay has her usual naughty look. Both of them are staring up at her expectantly.

Inday: Uh.. Uh..

Tisay: (Bouncing up and down in an imaginary trampoline) Yeyyyy!!! You're our new nanny? What are we gonna do? Can we go to Star City? Huh? Can we get some ice cream? Can we go see a movie?! Can we see …......... Whooo!!!

Tisay puts her arms around Inday.

Ruffa Mae: Dr Pio was quite grateful that I recommended a very experienced nanny. Umm, I may have oversold you a bit. I told him you're awesome, you're the best, you're the ninja of nannies. His expectation might just be a tad too high. Sorry, I got carried away.

Inday is speechless.

Ruffa Mae: Okay, my job here is done. Here are the keys to his condo. It's close by, just a block away, here's the address. I have to go back to work.

Ruffa Mae starts to walk away after handing Inday the keys and a piece of paper. Inday runs after her with Tisay hanging on to her.

Inday: Ruffa Mae! Wait! Oh my God, what do I do now?

Ruffa Mae: Take them home. Take care of them.

Tisay: You're very pretty! (hands grabbing at her skirt) Oooh.. this is very soft. Can I borrow it? Can I use your make up? I'm hungry!

Ruffa Mae is highly amused at Inday's terrified face.

Inday: Please don't leave me Ruffa Mae..

Ruffa Mae: What's wrong, I thought you said, “I'm sure I can handle two kids. How bad could it be?” Are you giving up now? Do you surrender?

Inday: No, of course not!

Ruffa Mae: That's the spirit! It's gonna be fine!

Ruffa Mae leaves still smiling.

Scene: Pio's condo. Later.

Inday looks exhausted.

Tisay: (holding up her hands) Up high!

Tsina: Ugh, here we go again..

Inday gives her a high five.

Tisay: (holding her hands to her side) On the side!

Inday slaps her hands lightly.

Tisay: (holding her hands lower) Down low!

Inday tries to slap her hand but Tisay moves it very quickly.

Tisay: Too slow! ha ha ha! I got you again! hi hi hi

Inday: ha ha ha, Okay you did. Um, girls, we've been playing all day. Don't you want to take a nap?

Tsina: We're big girls now, we don't take naps anymore. Only babies take naps.

Tisay: Let's play horsie again!

Tisay tries to climb all over Inday.

Inday: Uh.. maybe later... I know, shall we play princess? We can have a tea party! Do you want to be Cinderella? Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? Who's your favorite princess ?

Tsina: I think fairy tale princesses portray an unrealistic view of love and how girls should look. Do you think the Disney princesses are good role models? Should we be sitting around waiting for a prince to save us?

Inday: Oh! Uh, uh, uh.... (defeated) I guess we can play horsie again..

Tisay: (jumping on Inday) Yey!!! Giddy-up!!! Yippie-kay-yay Mamacita!

Later, Inday is on the phone with Ruffa Mae.

Inday: (to the kids) Don't! Please don't jump on the couch! Oh... (to Ruffa Mae) they won't listen to me. What am I gonna do?

Tisay is now next to her, pulling on her dress to get her attention.

Tisay: Can I have another chocolate? It's so yummy in my tummy ! Pleeezzzzz! I'm gonna die if I don't get another one!!!

Inday: Uh.. okay, sure..

Tsina: (shaking her head) That's her 5th one. Sugar makes her even more hyper than she already is.

Tisay sticks her tongue out at Tsina and runs off to get the chocolate.

Tsina: Daddy does not like for us to have too many sweets. He said it's bad for our teeth.

Inday: Oh, okay, that's the last one...

Tisay: Well, if she's going to have another one then I should too. It's only fair!

Tsina runs off to get some more candy for herself.

Ruffa Mae: They are walking all over you! You have to show them who's boss right away or they will take advantage of you.

Inday: I'm trying to be nice so they'll like me.

Ruffa Mae: Kids always try to test what they can get away with. You need to take control of them not the other way around!

Inday: How do you know so much about kids! Ugh! I'm so exhausted. I've never been this tired in my entire life! This is damn hard work!

The house phone rings.

Inday: The phone is ringing, I'll call you again in a bit.

Inday picks up the house phone.

Inday: Hello?

Pio: Hello, this is Pio. Is this Ruffa Mae's sister?

Inday: Oh yes. It's me.

Pio: How's everything? How are my kids?

Inday: Oh, they're fine. Everything is just fine.

Pio: They haven't been too difficult for you?

Inday: Oh no, not at all. It's a piece of cake. We're getting along great. No problem at all!

Pio: (relief in his voice) Oh thank God. I know they can be quite a handful. Ruffa Mae said you were an expert nanny.

Inday: Yes, I am. That's me, the expert nanny.

Pio: I'm calling to check on you and also to ask you to take the kids to their ballet class. It's starting in 10 minutes in the next building. The address is on the blackboard on the kitchen and Tsina knows where it is. Sorry, I just remembered about it now. It's a madhouse in here today.

Inday: No problem! It's taken care of!

Pio: Thanks. And I'm so sorry I had to run this morning. I would have liked to talk to you first but I had an emergency.

Inday: Oh that's quite all right.

Pio: I'm also sorry about the mess in the house. My housekeeper quit too.

Inday eyes the very messy house .....

Inday: Oh no problem, I already cleaned everything up!

Inday: (thinking and making a face) Why the hell did I say that.

Pio: You did? Wow! Thank you so much! You are heaven sent! I have to go but I'll see you tonight at about 7 and I'll thank you properly. Bye!

Inday: Okay, bye!

Pio hangs up.

Inday: (thinking) hee hee! He's gonna thank me properly.. hee hee hee

Inday is standing in the middle of the living room where it looks like an earthquake and tornado just happened a few minutes ago. There are toys, books, crayons, pencils, papers everywhere. There are also food wrappers and crumbs. From where she's standing, Inday can see that the whole house looks like a disaster area.

In the living room, the cushions on the sofa have all been removed. Tisay and Tsina are carrying a tall stack of the cushions and pillows.

Tsina: Now, we have to carry this one hundred tier wedding cake to the banquet. Be very careful!

Tisay: Yes, ma'am!

Tsina: Easy.. easy... If you drop it, you are fired!

Tisay: If you fire me, who will carry this purple wedding cake with you?!

Tsina: I told you it's white, not purple! No one has a purple wedding cake!

Tisay: I am! When I get married next month, my wedding cake will be purple!

Tsina: Ha ha ha! Next month? Who would want a pain in the butt like you? No one is going to marry you!

Tisay: Shut up! You're a meanie! .....

Inday: Girls, girls stop! That's no way to talk to your sister!

Inday grabs the cushions and starts to put them back.

Inday: I need to take you to your ballet class. Please go get changed.

Tisay and Tsina drop the cushions immediately.

Tisay: Dance class! I love dance class! Twirl.. Twirl...

Both kids start twirling. Inday stops them and takes them to their bedroom to change to their tutus.

Later, while the kids are in the dance class, Inday is cleaning up. She looks up at the wall clock.

Inday: I've been cleaning for almost an hour and it doesn't look like I've made a dent. What am I going to do...

Inday gets her cellphone and starts dialing.

Later, three young women are just finishing up cleaning the condo. It looks spic and span.

Inday is speaking to Benita, her neighbor.

Inday: That you so much Mrs. Benita for coming here and bringing your daughters and finishing up so quickly. I really owe you big time!

Benita: You're welcome Inday. Don't forget, you will fix our hair and do our make up for Becky's wedding.

Inday: Yes, yes! You and your daughters will look better than the bride, I promise!

Benita: We better! That will show that Becky! Oh, dinner is almost ready, just take it out of the oven in 30 minutes. We're leaving now.

Inday: Thanks again.

Inday closes the door as the people leaves.

She looks at a grouping of picture frames and straightens an action picture of Pio playing tennis. Next to it is a picture of Tsina's mom in tennis outfit carrying a large trophy. She checks everything again before going to pick up the kids from their dance class.

Later.. She's done fixing herself up and working on some finishing touches on the cake. She sets the table and it looks very good. The dining table looks like it could be on the cover of a magazine. Inday looks very nice too.

Inday takes off her apron and primps in front of a mirror.

Inday: (thinking) Not bad, if I do say so myself. If this doesn't impress Dr Pio, I don't know what will. Now where are those kids? Thank goodness they've been quiet for a while.

Inday opens the kids bedroom door and was speechless. Tisay had the makeup from her purse all over the bed. Looks like she's used up every single one of them. She has make-up on her face and body. She looks like a kabuki character and a clown exploded all over her. Her stuffed animals and dolls also had make up on that is matching hers.

Inday: Oh no! Oh no! My favorite MAC lipstick! I saved a long time to buy this Enchanted Puce! This is a discontinued shade! Oh no!

Tisay looks ashamed. She knows she did something wrong.

Tisay: (crying) I wanted to be pretty like you...I'm... sorry... Waaaaahh!

Inday takes her to the bathroom and cleans up her face as Tisay continues to cry and Inday feels like crying herself. But she knows she has no time to be upset.

Inday: There, there... your dad will be home any minute...

There was a loud crash and a loud scream.

Tsina: Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Inday and Tisay both run out. They are greeted by the sight of a fluffy white dog running through their dining room and Tsina trying to chase it.

Inday: Oh no! No ! No! What's this dog doing here!

Tisay: It's the neighbor's dog! Fabio! Fabio! Come here, boy!

It's chaos as they all try to chase the surprisingly quick little dog who is jumping on top of the tables and chairs and knocking down stuff.

Inday sees the dog is going to knock over the beautiful cake. Inday dives to get it but she was too late. The cake falls to the floor and so did Inday. She slips and falls all over the cake. She has cake and frosting on her clothes, her hair, and her face.

Pio: What's going on here!

Inday: Eeeeeeeek!!!

Inday looks up from the floor to see Pio holding the dog.

Tisay and Tsina: Daddy!

They both run and embrace their Dad. Pio embraces them back and gives them both a kiss.

Pio: Hi sweethearts !! Lets return Fabio next door, okay?

In less than a minute, Pio and the kids are back. Inday is trying to clean up the floor.

Pio: (to Inday) I'll get that. Go ahead and get cleaned up. I have a t-shirt in the bathroom that you can borrow.

Inday jumps up and practically runs to the bathroom. She's dismayed as she looks at herself in the mirror. She's got frosting on her face and hair. Her pretty blouse is ruined. She takes it off and puts on Pio's shirt. Her long hair which is in an intricate upswept hairstyle has come undone. Inday has never looked this messed up in her life. She cleans up the food from her face, removing her makeup in the process. She is still frazzled.

After a long time in the bathroom, there's a knock on the door.

Pio: Are you okay in there?

Inday: I'm okay...I'll be right out... (thinking) This will have to do.

Inday comes out of the bathroom to the Pio and the kids are sitting on the dining room. They just finished eating.

Inday: I think I'm going to go home now..

Pio: Can I talk to you first?

Inday hesitates. Pio stands up and approaches her..

Pio: Please?

Inday: Oh okay.

Pio: Let's talk there.

Pio leads them to the living room. The kids follow.

Pio: Did you cook our meal too?

Pio points at what remains of the elaborate meal.

Inday: Yes, it's something simple, I just threw it together from whatever you had. I hope you liked it.

Pio: Wow! It was delicious and it didn't seem simple to me.

Tisay: It was yummy! Too bad the cake got ruined and we couldn't eat it! (making a face and sticking her tongue at Tsina). It's all your fault! You let Fabio in the house!

Tsina: How would I know he'll knock it over!

Tisay: That's what he always does when he's here! He runs around like a mad dog and knocks things down!

Tsina: Yeah, what about you? You played with her makeup and it's all ruined!

Pio: Tisay, did you really do that?

Tisay takes a small blanket and puts it over herself.

Pio: Tisay..

Tisay: (from under the blanket) Tisay is not here. She is unavailable..

Pio: I'll deal with you later.. (to Inday) I'm so sorry about that. We'll replace your make up of course.

Inday: Oh, its really okay. It's just make up, no big deal.

Pio: You are a great cook too in addition to being a Supernanny? Wow!

Inday: Oh, thank you. It's really nothing..

Pio: Nothing? Are you kidding me? You took care of my kids all day, you cleaned up the house and made us a home cooked meal. You're amazing! I really owe Ruffa Mae for recommending you.

Inday: I'm glad I could help you today.

Pio: Just today? I want to offer you the job as a live in nanny. Please tell me you'll accept.

Inday is obviously hesitating.

Pio: I thought Ruffa Mae said that you were looking for a job?

Inday: Yeah, umm.. I was...but...

Pio: I know my kids can be a handful. But with your experience and skill, you obviously didn't have any problems.

Inday looks at the kids playing in the other side of the room. Looks like they have tied themselves together with some belts and neckties and are hopping around and laughing.

Inday: I'm not sure if this is the right position for me...

Pio walks closer to Inday and looks her directly in the eye.

Pio: Please, (puts his hands together as if praying) I'm begging you..

Inday is mesmerized. She thinks she's going to melt into a puddle on the floor right then and there.

Pio: If it's salary you are concerned with, I'm prepared to compensate you to your satisfaction..(kinda sexy)

Inday: ...(gulp)...t-to my s-satisfaction?

Pio: Yes... I promise. What do you say?

Inday: (gulp, small voice) Okay.

Pio: (very happy) Oh thank you!

Pio turns around to the kids

Pio: Kids, come here!

The two girls hop to them.

Pio: Ate Inday has agreed to be your new nanny!

Kids: Yehey!!!

The kids jump up and down.

Tisay: Wooooooo!!!

Pio: Can you start tomorrow, Ate Inday ?

Inday: (small voice) Ate?

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