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Friday, December 16, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Final Episode 10: Love Letter

Ep 10: Love Letter

Scene: Pio in Iloilo City

He's talking to someone in a store. He's looking at the piece of paper with an address.

Pio: Are you sure Inday isn't here ? This is the address that was given to me.

Saleslady: You're in the Visayas, there are lots of Indays here, I'm also called Inday. But the Inday you are looking for is not here.

Pio: Isn't this the right address?

Pio shows the saleslady the piece of paper with the address which she looks at.

Inday: That's right. But this is a store where we sell Iloilo delicacies. No one lives here.

Pio: (under his breath) I can't believe I got sent on a wild goose chase... wait till I get my hands on you....

Saleslady: Sir, would you like to buy some bingka to take home?

Pio: Okay, fine. Might as well get some to take home.

While waiting for his purchases, Pio tries to call Inday and Ruffa Mae but there's no answer.

Pio: (thinking) Great! Now two people are avoiding me.

Scene: Airport.

Pio is waiting to get on an airplane. His phone is ringing.

Pio: Hello

It's Tsina on the phone, very upset.

Tsina: D-Daddy? (crying) Waaah! Waahh!

Pio: Tsina? Why are you crying? What's happening?

Tsina: Waaah! Daddy! Waaaaah!

Pio: (alarmed) Tsina, baby, what's wrong? Is your Grandma there?

Sonia: Hello son? We've been trying to call you...

Pio: Ma! What happened? Why is Tsina crying?

Sonia: You need to come home quickly! Where do I begin!... Tsina found the letter that Inday wrote for her and read it.

Pio: What! How did she find it. I hid it really well!

Sonia: She saw the envelopes with their names. I didn't know what it was and I told them to wait for you to come home before opening it.

Pio: (sigh) I'll be home soon.

Tsina is still crying in the background.

Sonia: I have never seen your daughter this way, Pio.

Pio: Let me try to talk to Tsina again.

Sonia: Okay, I'll get her. But tell me first, did you talk to Inday?

Pio: No. She wasn't there.

Scene: Condo

Hours later, Mark is coming home. He's alarmed to see his mom very upset, talking to policeman in the living room. He hurries in.

Pio: Ma, what's going on here? Where is Tsina?

Sonia: (crying) We can't find her! Tsina is missing!

Pio: Ma! You're supposed to be watching her! What happened!

Sonia: (crying) I'm sorry! I was just taking a nap...

Policeman: It looks like she ran away from home.

Pio: Ran away? Tsina would never do that!

Sonia: She took a backpack with some clothes, money and food.

Pio: How long has she been gone?

Sonia: About three hours. Oh, I'm so sorry. I should have been watching her more carefully. I thought she was fine after you spoke with her on the phone.

Pio: I'm going to start calling her friends to see if any of them have heard from her.

Policeman: We will start canvassing the neighborhood.

Scene: Pio is out on the streets looking for Tisay. He's showing people her picture.

Scene: Pio coming home. His mom meets him with the phone in her hand.

Sonia: I was about to call you. Tsina is back! Thank God!

Pio: Thank God! Where is she!?

Tsina comes out behind Sonia. Pio grabs her and gives her a big hug.

Pio: Tsina what were you thinking!? Why did you run away?

Tsina: (crying hard) I was talking to Tisay on the phone. Her (sob) mom told me (sob) that I'm not (sob) your real daughter (sob!) Is that (sob) true Daddy?

Pio: Tsina, of course you're my daughter!

Tsina: (sob) Really, Daddy?

Pio: Tsina...

They were interrupted by Sonia's voice.

Sonia: Tsina, here's your sandwich. You said you were starving. Come sit down and eat.

Sonia: Son, come in here and thank the person who brought Tsina home.

Pio walks to the dining room and sees Inday sitting on one of the dining chairs.

Pio: Inday !... (stunned)

Pio takes the chair on the opposite side of Inday.

Tsina sits down and starts to eat voraciously. She finished the sandwich in record time.

Pio is staring at Inday. She is looking down.

Tsina: Thanks for the sandwich, Grandma. I feel so yucky, I want to take a long bath.

Sonia: Good idea. I'll help you.

Pio: Tsina, we're going to talk later about what's happened okay.

Tsina: Yes, Daddy. But everything is gonna be fine, right?

Tsina goes to Pio and Inday giving them each a big hug before going with Sonia to the bathroom.

Pio: Thanks for bringing Tsina home. Where was she?

Inday: We found Tsina hiding in the salon. I..I guess she was looking for me.

Pio: Did she tell you why she ran away?

Inday: (nodding) She's upset about a lot of things. Most especially about when Tisay's mom told her that she's not your real daughter. That her mom only fooled you into thinking that. Is that true? Is she not your real daughter?

Pio: (sigh) The truth is I don't know and I truly don't care. I found out too late that her mom had been cheating on me for a long time. But I loved Tsina from the day she was born and it didn't matter to me. She's my daughter. Period.

Inday: I admire you for that.

Pio: Thanks. (shrug) But it's not like I found a cure for Aids or something. (pause) I said that I can't go through being married again and that's because my first marriage was godawful. She was my first love. I was a complete fool for her and she just manipulated me. It was hell. Honestly, as horrible as it sounds, it was a complete relief when she died.

Inday: I always wondered.

Pio: I wish you would have asked. I would have told you.

Inday: … sorry...

Pio: Dammit! Britney is a spiteful heartless witch! I can't believe she told Tsina! If I didn't need something from her right now, if I wasn't trying to get her to agree to give me Tisay's full custody.. dammit, I don't know what I'd do to that woman.

Inday: You haven't given up on Tisay? But why did you let her take …

Pio: (sigh) I was bluffing, Inday.

Inday: Oh. Then I must have ruined that for you. I'm sorry. Add that to my list of sins to you. I'm so sorry I lied so much.

Pio: Okay, lets talk about this right now. What exactly did you lie about?

Inday: I misrepresented myself. I said I can do things or that I liked things just to please you. I hate roller coasters, I don't play tennis.

Pio: Could have fooled me.

Inday: Well, I learned to really like playing tennis after a while. I've never been a nanny or maid before.

Pio: Again, you were very convincing. So you did all this because...

Inday: I.. I... I fell in love you from the first moment I saw you getting a haircut at Sassy Shears.

Pio: (still sounding confused) So you applied to be my kid's nanny so you can seduce me? You know you could have done that without doing all this work, right?.

Inday: I guess. I acknowledge that it's a hare brained scheme... The biggest lie I told was when you said you had no love to give and didn't want to be married and didn't want anymore kids, I said I felt the same way.

Pio is silent for a while.. Inday didn't know what else to say. Just when she's ready to leave, Pio speaks.

Pio: Inday, I've been thinking about it. This can still work. So you love me. That's fine. That's not reason enough for me to not want to marry you.

Inday: There's another reason..

Inday stands up and her obviously pregnant belly that was hidden under the table is now exposed. Pio is extremely surprised and speechless for several seconds.

Pio: I..I thought you can't have any kids?

Inday: (crying) That's what I thought too! It's a miracle! One that I'm very happy about.

Pio walks around to Inday's side and sits next to her.

Pio: This is just all the more reason for us to go on with the wedding.

Inday shakes her head while crying.

Inday: (thinking) be strong, be strong Inday.

Pio: Why not?

Inday: (crying) You don't want another child remember?

Pio: That's what I used to say, but it's here. Like you said, it's a miracle. I want to support you and the baby.

Inday: (shaking her head) I can support my baby. Since you paid me well, I was able to save a lot while I was living here. I now have a small business supplying baked goods to coffee shops and restaurants. It's going pretty well but I can always go back to being a hair stylist if that doesn't work out.

Pio: Let me get this straight. You're having my baby and you love me. Yet you don't want to marry me.

Inday: You know it's not that simple. (crying) I've been living here for months (sob), completely in love with you,(sob) knowing that you don't reciprocate (sob) knowing that you never will (sob) knowing that I'm nobody to you (sob) I can't do it anymore... It's killing me.

Pio: What if I tell you that I love you too.

Inday is speechless for a few moments.

Inday: I don't believe you.

Pio: I do. I've been thinking a lot about our situation since you left. I realize that I need you and I can't live without you. It must be because I love you.

Inday: Stop it! (crying) It's not funny. Now you're doing what I did to you. You're just telling me what I want to hear.

Pio: Maybe I didn't realize it until now, but it's nonetheless true. I love you Inday. You love me. Let's make this real.

Inday is still shaking her head and crying.

Pio: C'mon, please stop crying. You still don't believe that I love you...

Inday: How can you? You should be hating me by now..

Pio: A wise girl once said.. the heart wants what the heart wants..

Inday: I don't believe you.(sob) This is cruel, Pio. (sob)

Inday gets up to leave. Pio stops holds her arm to stop her.

Pio: Inday, why don't you believe me ? Because you lie, you think that I do too?! I'm a brutally honest person, remember!?

Inday: I just don't know how it's possible..

Pio: Dammit Inday, what do you want from me? (he looks at her belly) Or do you already have it so you have no use for me anymore? (angry)

Inday: (slowly dawning on her what he means) What? No!

Pio: Are you just like Tsina's mom? She had no use for me either after I took responsibility for Tsina.

Inday: (crying) No! That's not true!

Pio: (angry) Really? Could have fooled me! Let's see were able to save and you're having the baby that you always wanted. What do you need me for? You were nicely rewarded for your lies while you leave me and my daughters devastated.

Inday: (crying) No! That's not true, this isn't deliberate.. I love you...

Pio: Hah! You love me? You probably lied about that too!

Inday: (crying and angry) Oh my God! (sob) If that is really what you think, there's no reason for me to be here.

Inday pulls her arm from Pio and leaves very quickly and Pio lets her. He's never been this angry in his entire life and he's afraid of what he might do..

Scene: Fountain in the park. A few weeks later

Inday is sitting at one of the benches, watching the fountain, mindlessly eating a snack, her expression serious. Pio approaches and sits next to her. He's carrying a bouquet of flowers.

He hands her the flowers, Inday looks at it somewhat confused.

Pio: I thought I'd find you here. Here, take it. I Hope you like it.

Inday accepts the flowers eyeing it suspiciously.

Pio: You know, I realized this is the first time I ever bought flowers for a woman other than my mom.

Inday: What is this for ?

Pio: Isn't a man supposed to give the woman he loves flowers?

Inday: Please Pio, I don't want to argue with you anymore...

Pio: (interrupting) Inday, can you listen to me first? Can you please hear me out?

Inday stops talking but looks down.

Pio: Inday, I didn't like the way we left things the last time we talked the other night..

Inday: Me neither.

Pio: (sounding frustrated) We never used to argue but that's all we do now and it's just about the same thing. .

Inday: You're the one that keeps calling me.

Pio: Because I want to make things right between us. I- I'm sorry about what I said. I realize how harsh it sounded... I know you didn't plan any of this like I was accusing you of. You couldn't have known you were going to get pregnant. Please say you forgive me..

Inday: (after a pause) I forgive you. Maybe I overreacted a bit too.

Pio: (smiling) One of the many things I love about you is how reasonable you are. So you truly forgive me?

Inday: Yes.

Pio: So we're good?

Inday: Yes, we're good. I'm glad we can be friends.

Pio froze in the middle of reaching over and putting his arm around Inday. He puts his arms down and shakes his head.

Pio: Inday, that's not what I meant. I want us to get back together. I want us to get married like we planned.

Inday: (looking miserable) We've already been through this. It's a bad idea. People should only get married out of love not out of convenience.

Pio: Believe me, this isn't convenient to me! Look, I thought you said you loved me, huh? Do you mean it?

Inday: (tearing up) I told you! Yes, I do!

Pio: (interrupting) .. then what's the problem? I love you too

Inday: Stop it! We both know why you are just saying that.

Pio: Okay, let's clear the air, Inday. Tell me why you think I am saying it?
. .
Inday: You just suddenly said it out of the blue! How can it happen that fast?! You're just saying it because you want us to get married so things would go back to the way they were.

Pio: Well, I can't deny that's what I want. But I mean it. I.. love.. you. (emphasizing every word) So what if it happened fast? You said you 'fell in love' with me the first time you saw me. Wasn't that fast? huh?

Inday shakes her head, still disbelieving..

Pio: Inday, have a little compassion. This isn't easy for me either. My past relationships have left nothing but a bad taste in my mouth. I never thought I would love anyone until you came along. Why won't you believe me?

Inday: (crying) I don't believe you because it's not possible. How can you? I mean look at everything I've done to you and… look at me now?

Inday points at herself, looking very pregnant and quite chubby. She cries hard.

Pio puts his arms around her.

Pio: Inday, my Inday, that's all forgiven. You know me, I'm a straightforward simple guy. I don't play games. I try not to harbor resentment. It's your guilty conscience that's stopping you from believing me. And... you're very beautiful to me.

Inday: (sob) Now I know you're really lying... I'm not beautiful, I'm fat.. (crying)

Pio: After the baby, I will help you lose the weight. I know lots of ways to burn calories (wiggling his eyebrows)

Inday: (sob) I'm not joking with you..

Ruffa Mae happened to be walking by and approaches them.

Inday starts to stand up and leave but Pio holds her arm to stop her.

Pio: Why won't you believe me? How am I going to convince you that I love you?

Inday is crying hard.

Ruffa Mae: What's going on here?? Pio! will you please stop? Every time you two talk, you just make her more upset. It's bad for the baby!

Pio lets go of Inday's arm, dejected. Inday leaves with Ruffa Mae crying.

Scene: Balcony that night.

Pio has been drinking a lot and threw his wine glass on the ground. He's now drinking from the wine bottle. Sonia joins him as Pio throws the wine bottle on the ground too, surprising her.

Pio: Aaaaah!! That damn stubborn woman!

Sonia: Who are you talking about? Britney or Inday?

Pio: Both!

Sonia: You're letting your temper get the better of you.

Pio: I know. (sigh) I talked to Britney earlier. Just as I thought, if I give her a large enough sum, she'll sign her rights away and never bother us again..

Sonia: Good.

Pio: Don't be too happy yet, I may have to borrow some money from you.

Sonia: I will gladly do that! It will be my gift to you. How much does she want?

Pio: A lot. But it sounds like Tisay's being an extra pain in the as$ for her. Britney might end up paying me to take her off her hands if I wait long enough. hahaha

Sonia: Hmmph! I fail to see the humor here. That's my grandbaby you're talking about.

Pio: Ma, believe me, I don't think any of this is funny either. The truth is, what I want to do right now is bang my head against that wall repeatedly.

Sonia: Tsk Tsk

Pio: Ma, how do I make Inday believe that I love her?

Sonia: You do? But you said...

Pio: I know what I said.. I wish people would stop throwing it on my face.

Sonia: Hmmph, drinking like a fish isn't going to solve anything.

Pio: What did you say, Ma?

Sonia: I said, why don't you think she believes you?

Pio: I don't know... Dammit! Why can't she just take my word for it!

Sonia: Son, maybe she needs you to show her, not just tell her.

Pio: Show her? I have no clue how! Do I serenade her while showering her with expensive jewelry in a roomful of roses? Romantic gestures aren't exactly my thing, Ma. That's just not with Inday, but with all women.

Sonia: Well son, if you love Inday like you say you do, maybe it's about time you start.

Pio: Dammit.What do I do? I've never done anything like that for anyone! Not even for my first wife.

Sonia: You know Inday pretty well so you should be able to think of something. To me, she seems like the kind of girl who would not be impressed by how much you spent but by how much calories you burn. In other words, effort.

Pio: Effort...

Scene: Around the neighborhood, a few weeks later. Very late afternoon, almost dark.

Inday and her big almost due belly is pushing a cart with several boxes of baked goods. She sometimes uses the cart for stability. Tsina is walking along side her and is helping her make deliveries.

Inday: Thanks for helping me again today Tsina.

Tsina: Oh, you're welcome, Ate Inday. I'm always glad to help you. (big grin)

Inday: You sure your Dad doesn't mind?

Tsina: No. He told me to help you as much as I can, but I would have helped you anyway even if he didn't say that. (big smile)

Inday: You seem to be in a great mood today Tsina.

Tsina: Yup, I am! This is going to be the best day ever! hihihihi

Inday: Ohhh kaaaay... Uh, after our last delivery, why don't I treat you to some ice cream?

Tsina: Yes! But I want the ice cream from Cuckoo's. Yummy!

Inday: Aaaah.. that's on the other side of the tennis courts, right?

Tsina: Yes. Do you still not want to walk by the tennis courts? That's the shortest way to get there..

Inday: (sigh) I suppose I can't avoid it forever.

Inday: (thinking) I hope I don't burst in to tears when we walk by it later. (tearing up) I hope I don't burst into tears right now.

Scene: Outside the ice cream shop.

Inday and Tsina are sitting on a bench eating ice cream. Tsina keeps looking up and looking at Inday.

Inday: Hmmmm, this is good ice cream.

Tsina: (losing patience) Ate Inday, don't you notice anything?

Inday: What?

Tsina: (exasperated) Up there!

Inday looks up and it took a few seconds for it to sink in that what she's seeing is a banner hanging above them that says "Pio" then a big red heart with "loves" inside it, then "Inday"

A delivery person approaches them and hands her a huge flower arrangement with lots of pink calla lillies, her favorite.

Delivery person: Delivery for Ms Inday.

Tsina: Don't you like it Ate Inday?

Inday: Uh.. uh..

Inday is speechless. She couldn't move. She couldn't even say thank you to the delivery person. Tsina is watching her with a big grin on her face.

Tsina: C'mon Ate. Let's go this way! hihihihi

Tsina pushes and pulls Inday. They stop at the beginning of the path that leads to a large open area where the centerpiece is a large stone fountain. Inday is still in a daze.

Tsina: Hmmmm, what's that over on that bench?

Tsina is pointing to a bench along their way that has some balloons tied to a cute stuffed bear dressed like a baker. There's an envelope with Inday's name on the outside. Tsina pulls Inday closer to the bench. Inday's heart is pounding as she takes the envelope and opens it. Inside is a card with a note in Pio's handwritting "My Dearest Inday, You fill my days with endless joy and laughter …"

Inday's tears that were threatening to fall, now start to fall freely. She's still staring at the card when Tsina start to pull her again. Tsina pushes the cart.

Tsina: Let's go Ate, I have a feeling there's more... hihihihi

They continue to walk along the path. Tsina is pushing the cart, Inday is carrying the flowers and bear with balloons. They get to the next bench and they see more balloons tied to a heart shaped box of chocolates. There's an envelope with it that Inday picks up. Inside is a card. She reads Pio's note "... Life without you is a complete disaster..."

Inday: Is this really happening? Am I dreaming?

Tsina pinches Inday, laughing.

Inday: Oww!

They keep walking until they get to the third bench with balloons tied to a beautifully wrapped gift with a card. Inday is more excited to read the card than to open the present so opens it quickly and reads "...You fill my nights with sweet kisses and passion..." Inday immediately gets a picture in her mind of her and Pio making love. She takes a deep breath before opening the present which is a simple but gorgeous bracelet. Inday knows that Pio had never given jewelry to any woman before.

At the fourth park bench, Inday sees more teddy bears, one dressed like a dentist, two smaller girl bears and a baby toddler bear. Next to it is a 3 feet card. Inday is feeling overwhelmed. Her feet doesn't seem to want to move. Tsina pulls her forward giggling.

Inday takes the giant card and opens it. On it are various pictures of Pio, Inday, Tisay and Tsina. It's decorated with stickers, glitter and other kids drawings. Looks like Pio had help from little hands to make this collage. There are notes from Tsina and Tisay saying how much they love Inday. Handwritten in on the side is "...Only to you, I give my complete devotion. Love, Pio"

Inday is a blubbering mess as she reads. She didn't notice that someone is behind her until she feels hands on her shoulder. She turns around to see Pio wearing a formal suit, looking more handsome than she has ever remembered him looking.

Pio: Just in case you still do not believe me when I say that I love you, perhaps I can show you...

Pio takes Inday's hand and leads her through the last stretch of the pathway. By now, it's night time. The moon and the small soft lights on strings between the lighted lampposts provide a romantic glow.

Inday: (finding her voice) Pio, this is amazing, I can't believe you did all this... for me..

Inday caught Pio and Tsina smile at each other.

Inday: Don't tell me there's more, I'm not sure I can handle it.

Inday is shivering in anticipation and joy as they get to the open area by the fountain.

Inday: Oh, looks like there's a private party going on.

Inday recognizes several of their friends and family. Her eyes get huge as she sees her parents from Iloilo who is smiling and waving at her..

Inday: (overwhelmed) Mama... Papa..

Inday gives her parents a hug. They are talking when all of sudden, she feels a little person lunge at her and hug her tightly.

Tisay: Ate Indaaaaay!!!! I missed youuu!!!

Inday: Tisay! Oh my goodness! I missed you too!!!

Inday looks at Pio questioningly..

Pio: (nodding) Tisay is with me permanently now.

Inday hugs Tisay tightly

Tisay: Ate Indaay! You're tummy is sooooo huuuuuge!! Good gravy!! I think it kicked me! Hey you in there! You better watch it!

Tsina: What are you doing?! The baby can't hear you Tisay!

Tisay: Yes it can! It can see and hear me through the belly button! It's like a little window! Don't you know anything!

Tsina: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! You're the one that don't know anything!

Pio: Girls, girls.. please, not now. I have something very important to ask Inday.

Waltz music start to play

Pio: Inday, may I have this waltz?

Inday: Huh? Y-you want to dance with me? Pio, you don't really have to do this.

Pio: Oh, but I want to and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Inday: (smiling) I have no choice then..

Pio leads her on a waltz around the fountain. Inday couldn't believe how good he was and how much technique he knew. They danced sometimes gracefully sometimes awkwardly with Inday's big belly in the way.

Inday: You are blowing my mind right now. I didn't know you knew how to dance like this.

Begin Flashback:

Pio taking dance lessons with a very old flirty dance instructor. Hating it at first but being okay with it by the end.

End Flashback

Pio: Told you it's nothing, anybody can do it.

Inday gives him a look.

Pio: Kidding!! Okay, the truth is I took ballroom dance lessons.

Inday: You!! Lessons? Oh my goodness, I cannot even picture that.

Pio: You're right, it was damn difficult. I have a better appreciation for ballroom dancing now.

Inday: Hmmm ... You seem like you're actually enjoying yourself. Maybe just like with me and tennis, you learned to like it after a while.

Pio rolls his eyes and smiles.

Inday: Admit it!! You enjoy ballroom dancing!

Pio: Maaaaybe...

They continue dancing.

Inday: You're really good. I forgot that I have this huge belly

Pio: That's why I figured the waltz is a good choice. It's the least strenuous for you.

Inday: Are you telling me that you know other dances?

Pio: Yes. I told you I took lessons. Foxtrot, samba, cha cha, tango...My teacher -- who's completely in love with me, so watch out, hahaha -- says that I'm a natural.

Inday: Hmph, I might have to have a talk with this dance teacher of yours.

Pio: Ruffa Mae referred her. She moves really good for someone who's a hundred and fifty years old. haha

Inday: But seriously Pio, I'm so overwhelmed that you did all this for me. The banner, the cards, the balloons, the presents, the poem, my parents, this dance ....

Pio: (serious) And I'm willing to do a lot more for you Inday. I love you. Now do you believe me?

Inday: (nodding and tearing up again) Yes I do now.

Pio leads them to a side

Pio: Good, because I have something to ask you.

Pio gets down on one knee and presents a small jewelry box with a beautiful ring. The setting is perfect. Inday sees the intention in Pio's face. She feels like she's going to stop breathing.

Tisay and Tsina are standing close by, with their arms around each other and watching them with excited faces. .

Pio: (seriously) Genevieve Diane Rosal will you marry me?

Inday: (happy tears) Yes, Cordapio Herkulas Tabayoyong. I will marry you.

The End.

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