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Friday, October 14, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 7: Wedding

Ep 7: Wedding

Scene: Inday is talking on the phone with Ruffa Mae. She's also watching the stove because she's in the middle of making dinner.

Inday: (yawn) Oh excuse me..

Ruffa Mae: Inday, seriously! That's the 6th yawn during this conversation. You are not getting any sleep aren't you! Dr Pio is keeping you up all night doing you know what.

Inday: Something like that. I hear the reproach in your voice. It's not like I don't want it either. (yawn)

Ruffa Mae: Are you sure this is a good idea? I'm just worried about you. Not only are you his nanny and maid, you're also sleeping with him, and with no strings attached! That's the icing on top of your crazy cake. You're giving up way way way too much! I thought you are there so you can win him over, so he'll fall in love with you just like you love him. We both know you are not the kind of person who would be happy in a casual relationship. I know you want to be his wife and be the mother of his children. Why would he marry you now? Why buy the cow when he can get the milk and the whole dairy farm for free!

Inday: Oh now I'm a cow..

Ruffa Mae: I'm serious! What the hell! Do you know what you are doing?

Inday: Ruffa Mae, I understand and appreciate your concern. To answer your question honestly, no, I don't know what I'm doing. Pio has no desire to commit himself to another woman. I am not sure that I can alter that. I may just have to accept that this is as far as we can go.

Ruffa Mae: What???? And that's okay with you? What happened to the 'challenge'?

Inday: Well, what I didn't tell you yet is that I also told him that I feel the same way as he does in the subject of love and marriage.

Ruffa Mae gasps.

Inday: He wouldn't have entered into a relationship with me otherwise. I don't know Ruffa Mae. I keep lying to him through my teeth just so I can say what I think he wants to hear. I can't seem to help myself.

Ruffa Mae: Oh Inday. Do you know what happened to my friend Katy? She went into one of these 'friends with benefits' relationships too.

Inday: I don't want to hear about it. I'm sure it's awful.

Ruffa Mae: I don't care if you don't want to hear about it. I'm telling you anyway! She's severely depressed right now. Someone usually ends up getting hurt in these relationships and she was very confident it wasn't gonna be her. Well, guess what? She was wrong. The guy fell in love with someone else and she is devastated. It almost destroyed her life. I seriously thought she might kill herself over it.

Inday sighs and looks away.

Inday: You're not making me feel better.

Ruffa Mae: Good. I'm not trying to make you feel better I'm trying to be honest with you. Look, I know you will do what you want to do. I'm just going on record as saying this is a bad idea. This is not healthy for you. Maybe you should get out of there before it's too late.

Inday: (sadly) We may have already past that point. I love Pio and the kids now more than ever. I can't imagine leaving.

Scene: Condo. Night.

Tisay and Tsina: (jumping up and down for joy) Yey! Yey! Daddy is eating dinner with us again! Daddy is always eating with us now!!! Yey!

Tsina: Daddy, can you help me with my science project? It's due in two weeks.

Pio: Of course. Let me just get changed, okay?

Tisay: Daddy, how come you are home all the time now? Don't you go out on dates with girls anymore?

Pio: No, daddy doesn't need to go out on dates anymore. I've got all the girls I can handle right here!

Pio gives both girls a hug. He looks up to see Inday watching them from the kitchen. He gives her a wink.

Inday: (loudly) Dinner in 10 minutes.

Pio leaves the kids in the living room to the board game they were playing and goes to the kitchen.

Pio: (whispering) Hmmmm, that food looks good, but I want a different kind of dinner.

He squeezes Inday from behind.

Inday: (alarmed, whispering back) Stop! The kids might see!

Pio: (whispering) Don't worry, they are busy, there are not paying attention to us. Put them to bed early, okay?

Scene: Later that night. Pio and Inday are in his room in the middle of making out. Inday stops.

Pio: What?

Inday: Don't you hear that?

Pio: (trying to kiss her neck) I don't hear anything.

Inday: Shhhh! Listen! I'm really paranoid that the kids might walk in on us.

Then they hear loud knocking on the locked door.

Tsina: (upset) Daddy! Daddy!

Pio and Inday stop what they are doing and Pio jumps up to quickly open the door. Inday hides.

Pio: What's wrong? What's the matter?

Tsina: (upset) Ate Inday is missing! I was going to her room to sleep next to her but she's gone!

Pio: Huh? She probably just went to the bathroom.

Tsina: (upset) No. I checked and she's not there. I looked in the kitchen too! Daddy, what if Ate Inday left us?

Inday sneaks out of the room behind Tsina while she's talking to her Dad and walks casually back to the Pio's bedroom.

Inday: What's going on here? Everything okay?

Tsina turns around and sees her. She runs and holds on to Inday tightly.

Inday: Tsina, what's the matter?

Tsina: I had a bad dream and I want to sleep next to you. I was looking for you all over! Where were you?

Inday: I went to the bathroom and the kitchen. You probably just missed me.

Tsina: Can I sleep next to you?

Inday: Sure, come on.

She looks at Pio who doesn't look too happy, but she ignored him and led Tsina away to her bedroom.

Scene: At the condo, after dinner.

The kids are playing their favorite game 'pretend.' They have towels around their waist and legs and are crawling all over the floor pretending to be mermaids.

Tsina: Ok, I'm Mutya, you're Ariel.

Tisay: No! It's my turn to be Mutya!

Tsina: Okay, fine! But I'm the one who gets to find Spongebob and Patrick this time

Pio and Inday are out in the balcony chatting and drinking wine.

Inday: ..and you know what Tisay said in her sleep? She said ' it wasn't me! I didn't do it' ha ha ha! Even in her dreams she's causing trouble.

Pio: ha ha ha! Somehow that doesn't surprise me!

Inday: ha ha ha! More wine?

Pio: Sure, thanks.

Inday pours him another glass of wine.

Pio: Um, about the kids. Last night wasn't the first time that we got interrupted. You need to stop letting them sleep next to you. It's becoming a habit.

Inday: Becoming a habit? They've been doing that from the first week I'm here.

Pio: Because you let them.

Inday: Ally used to let them too. I'm not telling them they have to stop. You be the bad guy and tell them.

Pio: Okay. I will do that. I have no problem being the bad guy.

They hear the doorbell.

Inday: Hmm, who could that be? Are you expecting someone?

Inday gets up to get the door. She opens it. It's an elegant older lady.

Inday: Can I help you?

Pio: (from behind Inday) Ma!

Tisay and Tsina: Grandma Sonia!

The lady sweeps past Inday and Pio to the kids. She gives them both effusive greetings, hugging and kissing them.

Inday: Your mom?

Pio nods.

Grandma Sonia looks at Inday up and down. She stopped wearing the scrubs a while ago and now wears her regular everyday clothes.

Sonia: And who is this?

Tisay: This is Ate Inday! We told you about her!

Sonia: (seemed a bit surprised) You are Ate Inday ? You don't look at all how I expected.

Inday isn't sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Inday: Good evening ma'am. Uh (looking at Sonia's luggage and at Pio)

Pio: Mama sleeps in the girl's room when she stays with us.

Inday: Oh okay. Here, let me take your bags.

Sonia: (haughtily eyeing Inday) Hmmmph!

Pio: Ma, what are you doing here so soon? I wasn't expecting you until it's closer to Uncle's wedding anniversary.

Sonia: I decided to come early so I can spend time with you and the girls. Especially since your sister abandoned you and went to Australia. I'm so worried about how you are all managing.

Pio: C'mon Ma, Ally didn't abandon us and we're managing just fine. I told you that I found a nanny.

Sonia: Ah yes, the fantastic Ate Inday.

Inday: Uh, have you had dinner, Ma'am Sonia? Can I fix you something?

Sonia: I just had a meal. But I would like some help unpacking. There's some presents for a couple of little girls I especially need to find.

Tisay: Oh! Oh! Are we the little girls, Grandma?

Tsina: Of course! Who else could it be! We'll help you unpack, Grandma!

Pio and Inday look at each other. Pio looks frustrated.

Scene: Condo. Afternoon. Few days later.

Inday is dusting in the living room. The front door opens and in walks Pio.

Inday: Oh hi, what are you doing home? Is everything okay?

Pio: Everything is most certainly not okay! We haven't had any time for each other lately. Come on!

He starts taking off his shirt with one hand, pulling Inday with the other and walking towards his bedroom.

Inday: (whispering) Wait! Wait! Your mom is here! She's taking a nap.

Pio frowns for a second.

Pio: (whispering) That's okay. I don't care. Come on!

Pio pulls Inday but Inday stops him.

Inday: (whispering) No! We can't take that chance. Besides, I can't relax with your mom in the next room!

Pio: (whispering) Dammit, I'll make you relax!

Pio's mom walks in on them. Her eyes didn't miss Pio's hands on Inday.

Sonia: Pio! What are you doing home in the middle of the day?!

Pio: Oh, I'm just picking up Inday for our tennis match. I have some time in between appointments and I want to get in some exercise time.

Sonia: Oh? You play tennis too, Inday? Hmm..

Inday: Just a little bit ma'am.

Sonia: Hmph.

Pio: Go get changed Inday. Hurry, I don't have a lot of time.

Inday nods and leaves .

Sonia: Pio, is that what you're wearing? Aren't you going to change from your office clothes?

Pio: Oh yes, I'll go change.

A few minutes later, Pio and Inday are back in the living room in their tennis clothes.

Pio: Let's go!

They hear a voice.

Sonia: Wait for me. I'm coming with you. I need to practice too.

Sonia comes out of the bedroom in tennis outfit.

Pio: Ma, I don't have much time!

Sonia: Then you can go back to work when you need to. I'll play with Inday.

Pio is speechless.

Sonia: Well, what are we waiting for? I thought you were in a hurry!

Scene: Condo living room. Sonia and a couple of her friends are enjoying afternoon tea. The kids are playing a few feet away.

Soledad: Sonia, is it true that your youngest daughter moved to Australia?

Sonia: Yes! Adelmira married an Australian and lives in Sydney now! I don't know why my kids ended up living in faraway places! My other son Candelario, who I live with, is in US.

They hear the kids playing.

Tsina: Why do you insist on wearing that Spongebob hat backwards?

Tisay: I'm wearing it with his face on the back so I'll have eyes on the back of my head! Duh!

Sonia and her friends laugh.

Socorro: Your grand kids are so beautiful, Sonia!

Sonia: Thank you, I wish I could spend more time with them. But Candelario needs me. He just went through a horrible divorce.

Soledad: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Sonia: Don't be sorry. Good riddance to that slack jawed, no good tramp ! But my poor son is raising their daughter by himself! That's why I can only visit for a few weeks.

Later, Inday replenished the tea pot and various thin sandwiches and pastries.

Inday: More cucumber sandwiches, ma'am?

Sonia: Thank you Inday.

Inday leaves them to go to the living room where the girls are still playing. She starts to dust.

Socorro: Sonia, your nanny is quite impressive! She takes care of the kids, keeps the house and prepared this lovely tea for us?

Sonia: Well, she bought the pastries from the bakery but made the sandwiches and tea.

Socorro: That shows she has initiative. If you weren't such a good friend, I would try to steal her away. My daughter is desperate to find a good nanny.

Sonia: (looking intently at Inday) Yes, she is quite competent. (quietly) Maybe too competent.

Soledad: (trying to hear what Sonia just last said) What did you say?

Sonia: Oh nothing! Nothing at all! Amiga, please tell me more about the property you just bought in Laguna.

The friends continue chatting but Sonia's eyes catch the kids and saw Tisay laying on top of Tsina on the floor.

Tisay: Now, I go on top of you, see. And then I...

Sonia sees Inday quickly grab Tisay off Tsina and pull both kids to a standing position. Inday looks mortified and guilty.

Tisay: What? I was just pretending she's a sleeping bag.

Inday; Uh, girls. I.. I.. I know, let's practice our dance for the wedding! Why don't we go to the bedroom so we don't disturb your grandma and her friends, okay?

Tisay and Tsina: Okay!

Inday looks up to see Sonia staring right at her.

Inday: (looking guilty) Uh.. I'll be in the girl's room if you need me, ma'am.

Scene: Pio's uncle's wedding anniversary reception, a formal swanky event.

Pio and his mom is sitting on a round table watching the dancing people, Inday and the kids are among them. Pio is smiling at Tisay’s antics on the dance floor. Sonia is staring at Inday, somewhat rudely. Inday is decked out from head to toe. She's wearing a dress with a color that complements the girls’ purple matching gowns. It has a flowy skirt.

Sonia’s friends walk by their table.

Soledad and Socorro: Oh hello, amiga!

They air kiss.

Soledad: Sonia, we were just noticing your gorgeous hair and make-up.

Sonia: Why thank you, amigas.

Socorro: That is the best color for you! You have to tell me what salon you had your hair done!

Sonia: Well, I had the color done at Sassy Shears, but by Inday herself. Turns out she used to work at a salon. She also did my hair style and make-up.

Socorro: What? She can do that too?

Soledad: Oh amiga, you better keep our friend Socorro away from Inday, I can tell she’s going to try and poach her from your son! Ha ha ha!

Pio gives them a dirty look as the pair moves on to the next table to schmooze.

Sonia: Pio, aren’t you just a bit suspicious? Doesn’t your maid seem too good to be true?

Pio: What are you talking about, Ma?

Sonia is shaking her head at her son. Inday and the kids come back to their table.

Tisay: Daddy! Daddy! Did you see me? I was dancing the ladder, the shopping cart, the horsie, the batman…

Tsina: Daddy, come dance with us pleeeease!!

Tisay: Yes, Daddy, pleeeeeeease!!! I’ll teach you!

Pio doesn’t want to but he gets up to dance with the girls. Inday sits down. Sonia is looking at her up and down.

Sonia: Hmph! My son must pay you too much if you can afford that dress and shoes. I recognize the designer brand.

Inday: Oh, uh.. I just borrowed this from my friend Ruffa Mae. You remember her from the salon? She manages it.

Sonia: Really? Hmph!

Alvin walks by as Pio and the kids come back.

Alvin: (approaches them) Inday? Inday! I thought that was you!

Inday: Alvin! What are you doing here!

Alvin: Well, I came with one of the guests. What a small world, I didn’t expect to see you here either!

Inday: (introducing Alvin) This is Alvin.

Pio: Alvin, the ex-boyfriend?

Alvin: ha ha, one and the same.

He smiles at Inday. Alvin looks very handsome in a black and white tuxedo.

Alvin: (to Inday) Wow! You lost a lot of weight didn't you?

Inday: (smiling at the compliment) Maybe a few..

Alvin: You look unbelievable!

Alvin couldn't take his eyes of Inday.

The classic Cole Porter song ‘It’s De-Lovely’ starts to play.

Alvin: (big smile) Inday, come on. Let’s show these people how it’s done.

Inday didn’t hesitate. She stood up and went with Alvin. Alvin and Inday dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It’s a routine that they have rehearsed and danced many times before. Pretty soon, the other dancers made room for them as they glided and stepped to the music effortlessly and beautifully. After the dance, Alvin gave Inday a hug and a kiss on the cheek then they bowed. Everyone was clapping except Pio. Only Sonia noted the deepening frown on his face as he watched Inday and Alvin.

Alvin and Inday walk back to the table. Inday is smiling from ear to ear.

Alvin: Thanks, Inday.

Inday: You're very welcome.

Alvin: (looking beyond her) My friend is giving me the stink eye because we have to leave now but I want to tell you how much I enjoyed our dance.

Inday: Me too. I miss dancing.

Alvin: And I miss you, Inday. Let’s talk soon, okay.

Alvin gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

Tisay: Ate Inday, is that your boyfriend? He's soooooo cute!

Inday: He used to be my boyfriend.

Tisay: He's soooooo dreamy!

Pio: Tisay, you are too young to be thinking that way!

Tisay: (dramatic) The heart wants what the heart wants.

Tsina: Ate Inday! I want to learn to dance like that! What is it called?

Inday: You do? That was a foxtrot. I’d love to teach you!

Tsina: That’s like in that tv show you watch, huh?

Inday: Yes, the tv show is Dance Sport.

Pio: “Sport” ? Since when has dance been called a sport?

Inday: (eyebrows arching) For your information, competitive dance is more challenging than many sports. It will become an Olympic event, one day.

Pio: Oh please! Maybe at the Gay Olympics!

Inday: You don’t know what you are talking about! You shouldn’t dismiss it until you’ve tried to learn a simple routine.

Pio: No, thank you. I’d rather be eaten alive by a colony of red ants.

Sonia watches and listens to their banter with interest.

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